Vik Martin

My work isn't concerned with the illusive blinding flash of celebrity or the perfect image we are told we should aspire to. There is immense beauty in the ordinary. Our loved ones, our homes, our cherished objects, the things we pin our identities to. They exist in the real world and are brighter and lovelier than anything we could ever invent.

In my 10 years as a photographer I have worked with artists, performers, community groups, families and individuals documenting events and lives, producing images that celebrate. I am focussed on people. Not only on their outward appearance but on the inner qualities that emerge as part of their interaction with their surroundings, with me and with the camera. We are all heroes.

Heyokah Photos

Grew from my roots in performance photography and my personal documentary portrait projects. I offer editorial style portraits for families, individuals and performers, business and PR images that stand out from the crowd and reportage style coverage of weddings, parties, performances and all kinds of events.

Sessions are informal, friendly and people focussed, clients' creative input is welcomed, and the end results are colourful and lively.

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Vik Martin



June 2005 – Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading (group show)
October 2006 – Café Iguana, Reading
Sept 2007 - Rising sun Arts centre Reading ( solo)
August 2008 – Central library, Reading

March 2012 - Recycling with Panache - River canteen, Bath. (Group)
May-July 2012 - Pepperpot cafe, Dick Willows, Bath. (solo)

Clients include:

Oxford inspires, Oxford archeology, Oxford contemporary music, Leviathan whispers, Rising Sun Arts Centre, Oxford Botanical Gardens, Carrabosse, Simon Chatterton, Princess Jewels, Hot Vintage Cabaret, Pandemonium, BANES, Combe Down Stone Mines Project, Mad Max Tours, BPM Maintenance, Badcomputer, IPL

Work published in:

The independent, Wanderlust, everything Spain, Herbal journal, The forager's guide to wild drugs, Evergreen